Although I've not been a part of a prosperity gospel church, I somehow, unconsciously picked up a few of these principles along my Christian journey---and they did not serve me well. So, thank you for sharing your own journey and encouragement. Also, I too have heard the call to "grow smaller" this past year and, while not without some wrestling, find I'm enjoying the sweetness of a quieter, smaller life. :)

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Thank you for the reminder about suffering being a normal part of our lives.

Jesus told us to expect it

May we suffer well for Him.

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I think mostly prosperity doctrine is dead in the water. Witness the fall of many of its proponents, especially Brian Houston. They make too many compromises.

We too have been in some of these churches but now attend an Anglican Church(Sydney Diocese) so evangelical. We attend the traditional services with the beautiful liturgy, older people who are just the salt of the earth. Small congregations, small is good, old gyms are the best and the fellowship so sweet.

I became so sick in my heart during covid watching our modern service with music videos of a group of young people praising God in close contact- denied to us all unnecessarily and nearly gave up. These wonderful older folk, the hymns and the liturgy are balm to my souls.

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