Thank for sharing Denise! It means so much to be shared amongst so many other wise writers!

I likewise left social media behind a few months ago and I'm truly grateful. I've had a much clearer mind and I'm able to write more without the constant mental and physical distraction of scrolling social media.

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Thank you for the the linked articles (I read all of them!).

I just read 84, Charing Cross Road in one sitting. Maybe not for everyone, but I loved it!

A friend recommend City of Tranquil Light and, as I enjoy a good missionary story, I appreciated this one too.

I'm nearly done with the new biography on Elisabeth Elliot by Lucy S.R. Austen. Well-done, interesting (if you don't mind plowing through 600+ pages ;) and often insightful. Not necessarily 5-stars, in my view, but still worthwhile.

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Sounds good. No one needs FB , Instagram, or X anymore.

I am forever amazed at how you Americans send your children away to college. My offspring went to University in our hometown and lived at home. We just just don’t do that sending away thing unless we live in a country town.

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